6 basic rules to follow to get the most out of your kitchen

your kitchen

It is a place that must be friendly, aesthetic and functional. It must be well thought out to be practical every day. As much to tell you, for that you must spend time to design it.

Here are some basic rules to follow to get the most out of it:

Rule 1: think you need

First you need to define what you want to do with your kitchen. A family, practical and functional place or a place where you will deploy your cordon bleu talents. The first quality of a kitchen is the practical side: everything must be accessible.

Rule 2: arrange the space well

You must take into account the triangle of activity: the water part, the cold and the cooking. Traffic between the three poles must be as short as possible. Its three poles should not be separated by more than 1.50 m. The most constraining element is the refrigerator. Avoid as much as possible placing the sink and the cooking station in the corners. To avoid multiple pipes and drains, place the dishwasher near the sink.

You arrange the place according to the surface you have.

If your kitchen is all in length, and it has 10 to 15 m², you can opt for an L or U layout, with the furniture all along one wall. If you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen, the ideal is to have a central island which is currently very fashionable among kitchen designers. Depending on the location of your stay, you can also consider an open kitchen. It has the advantage of being user-friendly and of enlarging the space. Noise pollution from household appliances and odors will have to be taken into account.

Rule 3: design

The kitchen is a decorative element in its own right. You must choose the color of your kitchen, respecting a harmony between the walls, the floors and the furniture you choose. Light is also important. You will define your style. From classic to high tech, the range of choices is wide. You are bound to find a kitchen that suits you.

The decoration is essential to give the impression of space: opt for light colors, which “set back the walls” and choose cupboard doors without mouldings, especially if they are only 30 or 40 cm wide

Several small directional spotlights, recessed in the ceiling or mounted on a rail, ensure an even luminosity, while a pendant lamp folds the light down and narrows the room. Add accent lighting under tall furniture, above the worktop.

Rule 4: provide functional storage

In a kitchen, there are many accessories, not to mention foodstuffs, household appliances and crockery. Low and high furniture must be able to accommodate everything you will use on a daily basis. Provide open shelves to put what you need always at hand. It can be interesting to use modular furniture.

Provide sufficient lighting to go about your business. Do not forget the ramps of electrical sockets fixed to the wall, to facilitate your work in your kitchen.

Rule 5: choose a work plan

Standard or custom, the choice is wide: laminate, waxed concrete, slate, stainless steel, resin… It must resist wear, shocks, hot pans, knife blades, grease stains… Wood is always

  •  this natural and hygienic material, warm and durable, goes well with all styles.
  • Cut stone remains an expensive material even if it immediately gives an undeniable cachet.
  • Concrete has taken its place in the kitchen. To be perfect, it must be the business of professionals. It must be reprocessed to be water repellent.
  • It is available in several colors. Its cost price is high.
  • The ready-to-install plans have a depth of 63 cm. When you lack space, you can go up to 70 or even 75 cms.
  • Having space to put a coffee maker, a food processor, put your dishes, salad bowls when you receive, is always appreciable.

Rule 6: set the tone with the ground

The kitchen is a place of intense passage. The floor receives splashes of water and grease stains: its coating must be resistant and easy to maintain. The floor also contributes to give style to the kitchen. Neutral and sober, it highlights the elements of the room, very colorful, it energizes it.

To make a kitchen plan, do not hesitate to use the applications of the various sellers or to ask for help online. I have tried several:

Cuisishop , cooking specialist. He defines himself as a home cook. You can send your plans and specify the materials, colors, lighting you want. An adviser sends you (very quickly) your finalized project.

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