Home office design ideas for your next renovations

Home office design

During the pandemic, a large percentage of the nation has had to contend with working from home for a more or less predictable period due to the restrictions. While this has disrupted the rapid pace of normality, it has also spawned a new, flexible way of working that many companies have wanted to continue post-pandemic.

This phenomenon has led to a wave of customers who have turned to our innovative surface materials  to design a sleek, modern and, above all, productive home office.

Since the home office is a new concept for many people, it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. We have compiled a list of design ideas for designing stylish yet contemporary hairpin legs home offices. Everything has been thought out to help you create an environment conducive to work, creativity and efficiency.

Modern home office ideas

A calm and airy space is certainly the ideal work environment. Here are three tips for designing your modern home office space. Trust us, you will love it.

to build floor-to-ceiling wall shelves. They create an open, yet studious office atmosphere, perfect for escaping the distractions that lurk at home.

If shelving isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other ways to create a spacious, modern home office designed to meet all of your professional goals.

Have you considered placing a simple desk in front of a window to let in natural light and boost your motivation? Otherwise, we suggest you take an economical approach by organizing your environment in a minimalist style. Target a few essentials, like a chair, desk, laptop (of course), and some storage items to keep your essential papers and documents tidy and organized. FENIX innovative materials are perfect for making craft work tables, as they are soft to the touch and anti-fingerprint.

Mid-Century design has origins dating all the way back to the 1940s, yet this interior design phenomenon extends well into the 21st century thanks to its functional and stripped-back design. Have you considered geometric shapes, a curved sofa or even the famous Eames chair in your next office remodel?

Small home office ideas

Remote work is a relatively new concept. We are aware that not everyone has a large space at home to dedicate to their work. That’s why we’ve got you covered with our great tips for making the most of a small home office.

Get creative with setup

When you have to deal with tight and ill-suited spaces, it’s often hard to know where to start. We suggest you take a creative approach to setting up your home office. For example, an “L” shaped desk could be a good way to save space. Also, it can be a good idea to install wall sconces to free up space on your desk and accommodate essentials, such as paperwork and your morning coffee.

Our final piece of advice is this: when it comes to designing your office layout, consider installing shelving in unconventional places. Do you have any little nooks? Above your desk? This way they will be easy to reach and all in one place. To create shelves, use . These surfaces have a soft feel and anti-fingerprint properties that lend themselves perfectly to making stylish and functional shelving for your small office space.

Take advantage of unconventional spaces

If you need to get imaginative with your space, take notes from Harry Potter! For example, it’s possible to turn a neglected storage closet into a small home office. Sometimes that’s all you need to get a quiet place to work free from distractions. Also, once the door is closed, you can completely log out and move on.

Some unusual places we’ve discovered that make great workspace solutions include the inside or outside corner of your closets, or even turning your dresser into an all-day work haven

When you’re setting up a small office space, chances are you won’t be able to fit tall cabinets or a bulky desk. Instead, we recommend other storage methods, such as hanging pots, bulletin boards and magazine racks. Think about it, it’s contemporary and cost effective.

When planning the layout of a home office (that you’re going to love), take care to leave your own signature on it. It’s your office after all. A successful home office space should be a place that inspires, motivates and pushes you to achieve. If you’re out of ideas right now, no worries, we’ve created a list of home office decor ideas to spark and activate your creativity.

Add wall art

When it comes to giving character to your home office, certainly tables are a good place to start. Fill your walls with inspirational quotes to encourage you throughout the day, or choose artwork from your favorite artists and musicians to make it a space you want to spend time in. After all, one of the benefits of working remotely is to feel more at home.

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