5 tips for making the most of a small kitchen

small kitchen

Our habitat is always more compact, but we still want a large kitchen with a full wall of cabinets and a spacious island. The only problem is that space is sometimes lacking. How do you free up as much space as possible?

Here we give you five tips for creating maximum storage space in your kitchen.

1. Ingenious solutions for corner cabinets

There are many ingenious solutions for this, which make use of every square centimeter of the cabinets. Consider, for example, the space at the corners. In most kitchens, this place is far too little used or is difficult to access. With pull-out swivel systems and trays , you don’t have to contort yourself to get something out of the base cabinet and you make full use of the space in your corner cabinet. The content comes to you! And thanks to the non-slip coating, your products won’t slip when you pull out the tray.

2. Practical and compact storage cabinets

Do you have little space between the cabinet wall and the island? Then opt for a column cabinet with Horizon Plus doors (see photo) that open laterally. If you pull both doors forward at the same time and slide them to the side, a large space comes to you and you have a complete overview of the contents of the cupboard. A tall pantry that reaches almost to the ceiling is also practical. You place the ingredients that you use often in the shelves of the door and the others on the boards. The shallower planks of the door shelves allow for a better view of their contents. This Tandemside system lives up to its name: you use the cabinet as a tandem, completely and on both sides.

3. Fully extractable drawers instead of shelves

On the shelves of a stocking cupboard full to bursting, it is not easy to quickly get your hands on a product. This is why it is in your interest to work with drawers , ideally completely extractable (see photo). So you can take in their contents at a glance and make optimal use of the space. Also consider sub-drawers, so that you can use the space in height of the drawers, which is generally wasted. There are also flexible partitions and compartments to be integrated into the drawers. In a small kitchen, creativity is key!

4. ‘Twist’ electrical sockets

If storage space is lacking in many kitchens, it is also often the case with power outlets. The plugs of the coffee maker, blender and kettle are usually plugged in permanently. And if your darling son or daughter wants to charge a smartphone or tablet in the kitchen, there’s absolutely no space left. The solution is the ‘Twist’ , a double electrical socket whose name was not chosen at random: press, rotate and two sockets appear as if by magic; repeat the same operation, and there they are again concealed. Its major asset? The ‘Twist’ can be recessed anywhere and is space-saving. The small installation depth of 40 mm is ideal for installation above a drawer or on the island.

5. Combine different devices

Do you like working in the kitchen? But built-in appliances take up a lot of space. A separate forced-air oven, a microwave and a steam oven are already three different ones. So why not opt ​​for a combined device? With a combi-steam oven, you can also use other functions in addition to steam cooking. So you can roast, bake, steam and even grill with just one device. In addition, you can combine oven functions. In short, a single device for  twice the pleasure.

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