Strategizing Your Move: Expert Tips for Cross-Country Transitions


Cross-country moves involve moving long distances and require early planning. You may end up forgetting some of the vital tasks when you rush to plan within days or weeks. However, you can execute this successfully only if you know how to go about it. For instance, the Rodi Moving & Storage team has been helping others plan successful moves and can guide you on how to do this seamlessly.

Here are strategies to help plan a successful cross-country move:

Do away with unwanted items

Packing can be overwhelming when you have to carry everything. But you will realize that you have so many things you don’t use or need. So, start by sorting your items into different categories. Put all that you don’t need in a box; this can be old books, clothes, toys, shoes, electronics, and more. Discard them and only carry what you will need in your new home. This way, you ease your relocation and also lower moving expenses.

Rest& sleep adequately

 You will spend hours being up and down planning for the big day. But rest is also vital. Rest adequately and sleep well. This relaxes your body and gives you the energy to tackle the next day.

Moving involves time-consuming tasks, and working tirelessly will leave you fatigued. No matter the number of tasks, focus on yourself and only do what you can manage. After all, you can leave the rest to professional movers.

Develop a moving folder

A moving folder will help keep all essential documents in one place. You don’t want to misplace some receipts and contracts concerning your move. So, collect all addresses, papers, moving contracts, and other vital documents in one folder. Have them easily accessible, and keep them in digital and hard copies. Hard copies are easy to access when on the way.

Acquire the right packaging supplies

You will get high-quality boxes from most online stores, and you need them to avoid damage over the long distance. Purchase different sizes to suit your type of goods. You will also need markers, tape, bubble wrap, blankets, and more.

If you have bulky furniture and delicate electronics or appliances, discuss this with the moving company. They will help you acquire what you need to pack such items. Some movers will also supply the best quality packing materials.

5.Make early bookings

 Get quotes from different movers and compare the prices. You want to get the best deals but also consider the quality of services offered. Choose movers with experience to handle and ferry your valuables with minimal or no damage. Also, book early to avoid inconveniences.

 Most people tend to move over the weekends or holidays, and you will have challenges finding reliable movers during this time. Therefore, plan early, book, and schedule the moving day in advance.


 Long-distance moves can be overwhelming, but this gets easier with the right help. Seek assistance from professional movers in your location and enjoy a stress-free relocation. The movers will help with most of the chores, including packing, Ferring, and storing your valuables. Besides, you can hire a portable container and have the movers deliver it to your door.

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